Integrated Security

Innova tailors security solutions to the distinct needs of each organization. By fostering strong partnerships with clients, Innova gains valuable insights into the evolving demands of any environment, enabling our entire team to quickly assess and modify existing solutions for cost-effectiveness and future readiness. 

Innova provides over four decades of information technology experience to the physical security landscape which empowers solutions with simple and secure architecture alongside streamlined accountability, which all ensure optimal functionality and seamless implementation.


Innova's divisions and sister companies have been leveraging public cloud internally and for our clients since its inception. We became a "Gone Google" company in early 2007 taking our entire operations to the Google Cloud through G Suite (formerly called Google Apps). Our industry leading expert engineers, internal expertise, and strategic partners are available to address your specific needs and execute the most thoughtful and impactful strategy to build and support your enterprise's cloud backbone.

Innova offers Public Cloud solutions such as Google Cloud, AWS, Asure, G Suite as well as Hosted Services like Managed Backups, DIsaster Recovery Solutions, and more. Our experts can consult with your team in-house and otherwise to develop your cloud adoption lifecycle from migration to support.

Data Center

We are data center people! At our formative years we were responsible for the design, development, management, physical design + installation, and support of all data centers for one of America's major financial institutions. Since then digital evolutions have caused organizations to refocus, regroup, and adopt a hybrid physical and multi-cloud strategy; driving down not only infrastructure but also real estate costs. We have a 30 year background along with our partners in mid-size and enterprise computing, storage, migration to virtualization, data security, and data protection/backup.

As with our other solutions Innova Global provides a single source, multi-faceted solutions design and services. Keeping costs low for your organization and at the same time leveraging our industry leading expertise as well as access to our consultants, partners, and contacts. We take care of everything from physical infrastructure to digital design and deployment.


The rapidly transforming technological environment is fraught with new cyber security concerns, compliance concerns, developing regulations, along with day to day operational challenges. Your security is much more than a business segment, it is trust. Risk management is a fundamental facet that needs to be addressed head on. Security threats are cropping up in new places like Audio Visual, preparation is key and everything from networking, cloud, application, data, and more need to be protected.

Technology security requires a steady hand at the helm not afraid to bring in world class experts and analyze an environment holistically. We have worked with our enterprise partners to develop a united mindset around securing data across all modern architectures. We offer strategy development, risk management, architecture and design, as well as managed services geared towards your security.