Digital Competence Program

Digital Competence Program

Digital Disruption: Evolve Or Fade, The Choice Is Ours

You know the digital playing field has changed and you have many years left. Do you have the endurance & competence to keep up?

In today’s business and entrepreneurship arenas, traditional skills and measurements of success no longer hold up. And the reasons are digital – the devices customers use in their lives, the channels they take to communicate and purchase, their engagement with disruptive competitors.

The challenge is clear: the game is no longer the same. And winning it requires developing a different set of strengths, not just a crash diet of apps and tactics.

We offer Digital Competence Program tailormade to your need

Quote image: A cluster of related abilities, communcation, commitments, knowledge and skills that enable a person or organization to act

You are not alone, Business leaders see an uncertain future ahead

Change Bring opportunity

The Roadmap

We believe the best way to build or predict the future is to create it yourself and become a digital leader. There is a need to retool yourself, and you should not expect to stop.

Our mission

Our mission is to assist you to find the product and service that can positively impact the lives of millions or billion people through the discovery & realization of the benefits of digital transformation.

Be ahead and excel

In order to excel in our vertical in this new age, we need to increase our digital competence & transform our way of thinking by taking the advantage of today's VUCA world. (Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) - Read more

Of course, there are many methods and programs to do so! We lead with and suggest Google Business Apps (G Suite) and "Growth Hacking" techniques. These methods are not only the best but also extremely operationally efficient and scalable. As an example, G Suite for Businesses is a mere $5 per user per month rivaled against the massive server and software costs of the past.

What Is Digital Competence?

During recent years, digital competence has become a key concept in the discussion of what kind of skills and understanding people should have in the knowledge society. For example, new technologies such as the cloud are now widely regarded as an opportunity and a solution!

Digital competence is the ability to keep abreast with the rapid changes in the area of Information and communications technology (ICT). It comprises the related knowledge and skills you need have to exploit ICT efficiently for your own purposes, be it for your personal or professional life through constant innovations.

In the digital age, you innovate not by making another gadget but by being two steps ahead of the competition with your skills and understanding.

Entrepreneur's Digital Competence Program

innova | accelerator's Digital Competence Program is based on ten (10) hours of collaborations which five (5) of those hours would be a one-on-one working sessions (online or in our offices) which are recorded and provided for your future reference and five (5) hours of collaboration and building your web assets! Every month after, you also receive a pre-recorded video or can attend a live board casting session on latest business growth hacking techniques and tactics.

In this program, we share with you the tools, apps, techniques, and tactics to create a tailor-made strategy and know how that can add to your business and it's ability to add to its bottom line, consistently. You may even decide to Join innova | accelerator and help other business entrepreneurs and at the same time create new revenue.

In our program, we take a deep dive into the following and how to customize it for your own vertical and interest:

Exposure and use of the above will introduce you to new opportunities for both revenue growth and protection.

Ongoing support

Each client is paired with a coach and peer cohort to help guide the development of their digital competence and its ongoing practice.

Get Started Now!

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We Promote Digital Best Practices

innova | accelerator is a division of Innova Global Technology, Inc. and is an Authorized G Suite Reseller (formerly Google Apps for Business) since 2007.