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Over four decades of full stack IT achievements, Innova is dedicated to increasing the bottom line for our clients and customers through modernizing and securing an organization's digital footprint. We started as a finance sector IT provider and have grown to be a single source provider for numerous industries. We empower better processing, automation, collaboration, solutions, services, products, consulting, & deployment. You can depend on Innova's expertise and partnership for your business.


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Stay Ahead of the Curve with IA Accelerated

Your organization needs to be able to respond to realtime requirement changes in order to maintain customer experiences. 

IA can help, we scale quickly and get it done correctly the first time, on budget and on schedule.

Data Center Solutions

As your organization expands and evolves a multi-faceted cloud strategy is essential to your digital growth. A hybrid-cloud that allows for cost savings at the infrastructure level of an organizations existing Data Centers has become the new normal. We understand the most important aspect is your data's security and we can assist navigating through the landscape with expertise in private cloud, virtualization, storage, computer, protection, and automation. All in order to meet and exceed business requirements.

accelerating innovation with best-in-class solutions that enable sustained growth.