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Business Acceleration

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WE ASSIST EARLY & GROWTH STAGE BUSINESSES ACCELERATEWe are specialized in helping early-stage startups build their first prototypes, and get the first important users. 

 To run a startup is an adventure. We want to be a part of that adventure. 

innova | accelerator assists early and growth-stage businesses accelerate their ideas and develop scale-up plans to drive their success. We leverage with Google to search and use AI  to find things that others miss, offering businesses more creative scaleable solutions based on our deep experience, intimate sector knowledge and clear insights into how to accelerate business growth. 

We provide early-stage startups the opportunity to grow, build support infrastructure and expand their networks and businesses. We provide entry into our vast network of professionals and the opportunity to utilize them in order to grow at an accelerated pace.

We take ownership and work collaboratively, building lasting capabilities into your team and helping your organization mobilize for change.

we support you with the development of business plans, sales, and marketing strategies, digital and technology strategies, capital raising, funding strategies and digital web surface content development and promotion (i.e. text, audio, video...etc.)  

We assist you with your main purpose. Purpose requires honesty. Honesty builds trust . Trust is the highest level of customer engagement and acquisition. Trust is the key to relationships. 

By being the prophet of your purpose, you will profit from your purpose.
We Help You Achieve Greater Business Success
  • Lein Model Assessments to identify your objectives and roadblocks to business success (assess current situation)
  • Google and Digital Success tools
  • One to one coaching to learn, solve and practice challenges to business success
  • Onsite or Private workshops where you can eliminate your obstacles in days, not months or years.
  • Networking & Referrals to a trusted network of partners.
  • Simple to access and use information relevant to your particular topic or area of interest so you don’t go through thousands of pages of search results to find what you need.