How to make a passive monthly income - for local salespeople (USA & Canada)

For past five years, seeing, touching and experiencing the disruptive technology and anticipating the next upcoming wave of financial adjustment, I have tried to innovate a system empowering local business by giving them a leading age against larger competitions ( I.e Amazon) by leveraging with Google and other power systems. The program is a local empowerment and requires local sales and entrepreneurs to drive it. We have tested this program for the past 10 months with success, now we need your input to get it to the next level. This is truly a win, win, win program.


If you are a local salesperson and like to make monthly passive income and build a large local network, this post is for you.

More often, you read articles from the so-called expert on how to sleep and make passive income. Well most all of them sleep but few make the passive income. Ideas such as the following work for only a few people but not local sales people
  • Teach a Class and Put it Online
  • Collect Rent without Owning Property
  • Find Interest Income from Crowdfunding
  • Charge for What You’re Good At
  • Take Up Photography
  • Create a YouTube Channel
  • Drive for Lyft or Uber
  • Spend Time with Furry Friends

Local sales people are entrepreneurs first and then passionate sales professionals. For sure every rep has their own unique selling style, strategy, and process. However, their mindsets are surprisingly similar but “Success in sales is 90% mental.”

Leveraging with Google and few other cloud service providers we have developed and build an scalable and extremely valuable "local business marketing and promotional services" focusing local small businessmen success in mind (effective at right cost)

We coined our local service offerings as Growth Hacking Local Business As A Service or "GHLBAAS"

Growth hacking is particularly prevalent with small businesses & startups when the goal is rapid growth product or service to market. Growth hacking may focus on lowering cost per customer acquisition, or it may focus on long-term sustainability. The goal of marketing should be long-term sustainable growth, not just a short-term gain. Growth hacking is about optimization as well as lead generation. Imagine your business is a bucket and your leads are water. You don't want to pour water into a leaky bucket; it's a waste of money. That's why a true local growth hacking is about customer retention."

The program

For you ( local salesperson)

  1. No startup cost, just bring your passion, experience, knowledge and your locality to the business around you.
  2. You generate a passive income every month by sharing our valuable growth hacking marketing (power of doing good) service bundle that makes the local businesses to be discovered, build authority, build reputations and branded as the best ( Power of doing good). One time effort.
  3. We provide you monthly hot local leads.
  4. We provide you with a) easy to use tools to measure and score locals business before you meet them showing their current local web presence and volubility. ( click here: ) b) training and scripts
  5. We offer 100% guarantee " success agreement" to the end client ( local businesses) to remove the risk and make your sales easier. We have tested the program nationwide with more than 98% success rate.
  6. You also build a larger network of local business that you already may have and build your own local marketing business using our services as your back office.

Local businesses ( features, benefits, and advantages)

Focusing on adding to their bottom line and attract more customers. Our team;

  1. Build the business brand as the bestBeing the best is the only marketplace that is not crowded
  2. Get the business discovered on 1st page of the search. We build and promote your micro page to the 1st page. Being discovered on the 1st page as the bestbring leads, new customers and place you next or above the local competitions
  3. Build and establish local business authority. Get the business claim, verified and update more than 65+ main directories. Positive and constant online presents build authority
  4. Helps local business to collect positive genuine reviews and control over local reputations. We also provide tools that make the review collection easy. positive genuine reviews build the reputation. Reputation brings trust or so-called worth of mouth and referrals.
  5. Manage weekly local media posting and advertising. Persistent advertising & promotion generate leads.
  6. Get more traffic to their website and their brick and mortar store.
  7. Much more...

Case Study -

Linda Chevrier is very passionate about helping women learn how to plan and manage their finances. She left her family contractor business to pursue her passion to provide the best financial educations full time and joined Five Rings Financial with focus on women's financial health.

Linda built an extremely successful business ( ) from the ground up in less than 6 months. Read more

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